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Welcome to the Journal!

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Lose Your Mind and Leave Your Belongings Behind With Polybius³

Polybius is a supposed arcade cabinet, probably released in 1981. Apparently, this game was made by the government in order to conduct experiments on whoever played the game, by showing psychoactive visuals, which could induce seizures, insomnia, hallucinations, and many other symptoms, to the point of creating addiction. One month after its release it vanished…

The Grand Revamp!

Welcome to the Journal, but completely revamped! With even more exciting content for you to read!

In this blog, we’ll be covering a whole range of different topics, including Anime, Manga, Visual Novels, Video Games, J-Dramas and even some Technology. We’ll also have a special entry of the Journal uploaded every week, where Blisscast herself will reveal a small window into her life and the topics that interest her.

What you see before you is part of the Blisscast Journal’s Grand Revamp! This monumental event involves a vast rebuilding of the site, adding a variety of new topics for you to read about, whilst also making navigation far simpler and more streamlined. Anyone who has been here for a while may also notice that the site looks very different from its original iteration, but all the posts remain the same, so we hope that you still enjoy what you’re able to find here. 

We’ll be adding to the site as time goes on, so please keep in mind that this blog is a work in progress, and we’re constantly working to improve both the user experience and the site’s format. As a result, things may seemingly get added or changed at random. We’re sorry for any issues this may cause, but hopefully, it will end in a far better and more usable site.

Reminiscent Spotlight:

Whilst it’s always exciting to read the newest content, sometimes you’re looking for something that may be a little on the older side. Have no fear, for we are here to help; with the Reminiscent Spotlight, it’s now easier than ever to discover some of the older content that you may have missed!

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