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Hello folks, and welcome to my blog. My name is Bliss Cast, but you can also call me Eugi (basically my shortened name). I go by the pronouns she/her. As of the time of writing this blog, I’m 19. This blog will mostly be about videogames, with some occasional content about anime, manga, and jdrama.

Blisscast comes from Bliss, my online nickname, and Dreamcast, the one console that, in my opinion, symbolizes what videogames mean to me: a catalyst of hopes and dreams, and things you wouldn’t know in other ways, that can change your life.
I’ve been into videogames since I was a child, with my first game being Animal Crossing Wild World on Nintendo DS in late 2008. My first console was a black ds lite, which I still own. I played almost only Pokémon games for a while, then started to get into other series as I grew up. Until 2 years ago, I used to play only on Nintendo consoles, then I started getting pre-owned Playstation consoles as series I wanted to play weren’t available on Nintendo consoles. And that’s when I really started gaming seriously. I also recently got an Xbox 360, although I haven’t really done anything interesting with it.
I’m also interested in modding consoles. I really love the feeling of being able to make the console do what you want, such as applying a Yakuza theme on a Nintendo 2ds (which is hugely satisfying) or importing a digital game savefile on a retail cartridge (which is useful). Plus, I love the modding itself. It’s like an adventure because research after research, you manage to unveil the console’s secrets. I’ve also learned a lot about technology while researching these things. Modding makes my PSP do wonders, as it loads games much faster and doesn’t make annoying disc noises. Trust me, it’s fantastic. That’s why playing my copy of Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII took 17 hours and not 30. I haven’t modded my PS4 or Switch, though, because that unnecessarily complicates things.
Now, onto my favorite series. I’ll list them in alphabetical order.

Animal Crossing

My first game was from this series, Wild World. I’ve been emotionally attached to this series since the very beginning, starting from the moment in which I realized that without saving, I’d have to rebuild my town every time I turned the game on. I actually played Let’s Go To The City (called City Folk in the US) the most in my childhood. I found the fishing to be very charming and would spend hours doing it.

I didn’t extremely like New Leaf, although it’s currently the game I’ve played the most. It made me have a love-hate relationship with the series. I deleted my first town in that game and created another one, which didn’t end up really well. Then in this year (2020) a new game came out, and oh boy, it fixed everything. I can now have a social life and still manage a charming island while actually enjoying the game. It’s currently sitting as my 2nd most played game, and I think you can imagine why. I’ll surely write about my island soon.

Final Fantasy

I’ve found out about it thanks to Cloud coming to Super Smash Bros for Wii U and 3DS. At first, I wasn’t really interested in trying it, then I played a free jrpg called Gacha World on mobile (which you should absolutely try), and I guessed that if I loved that game, I could as well have loved Final Fantasy too. I tried Final Fantasy 1 on GBA, which was the wrong choice, but I thought that starting from number 1 was a smart thing to do.
Then after getting a PSP and looking for interesting games to play, I saw Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII, which seemed absolutely badass. I decided to try it, and I fell in love with it. So I played Final Fantasy X on Switch and fell in love with that one too. Especially Auron. Auron fans out there, you know why he’s so amazing. Anyway, after those, I played XV on PS4, which was kinda nice, and XII on Switch, which has an interesting gameplay that not many people liked. I still need to play more Final Fantasy games.

Fire Emblem

I’ve found about this one thanks to Super Smash Bros too. I wanted to get Awakening on 3DS, but I couldn’t seem to find it, so I ignored it for a couple of years. Then I found it, and I absolutely loved it. I also started playing Fire Emblem Heroes almost on the same day. I also really liked Echoes but didn’t enjoy Fates, although I can assure you that I tried. Luckily Fire Emblem Warriors was really nice. I haven’t played Three Houses yet, actually. Lately, I’ve been less interested in this series, to be honest. I also uninstalled Heroes as it was filling up my phone storage too quickly.


I’ll try to be short here. Pokémon White was my first one. I fell in love with the series, and it really filled up my late childhood. I honestly haven’t completed so many games, but I loved Heartgold and Soulsilver. I loved the series because I could catch my favorite creatures and have wonderful adventures with them. My current favorite Pokémon is a Latias called Candy, which I have caught in White 2 and transferred to many games after that. My biggest meme here is that I started Diamond in 2012, then never finished it, although I’m almost at the end of the game.

Pokémon Black & White
Pokémon Black & White

I’ll be honest, I have barely played after Ultra Sun and Moon. What killed my interest was the latest games not being interesting anymore and finding better stuff to play. I still remember these times with joy, as Pokémon made me the gamer that I am right now, one that loves looking at what’s behind her favorite games.
I’m currently almost only following the Glitches scene, which is definitely the most satisfying of them all. Glitches are something amazing to me, as they can unveil what creates the games you love. In other games, they’re mostly uninteresting (Animal Crossing has some pretty interesting ones, though), but I can assure you that in Pokémon they are really complex and fascinating. The Glitches scene is having a few issues right now, but I’d love to contribute to it someday. I also met one of my dearest friends through Glitches, so you can imagine how this is special to me.

Saints Row

I’ve found the series thanks to a list of recommended games to play because I liked Yakuza 0. It sounded fun, so I decided to try it. I decided to try Saints Row The Third on PS3 and found it extremely cheap at Gamestop, and I honestly couldn’t believe it would have been so amazing. Before you ask, you can pretty much start from the third one.
It’s one of those games that are the definition of exhilarating. The game is far from serious, and this is what makes it memorable. You have a fantastic character creator, and you can create a pretty unique character. You can even determine your character’s personality by choosing from many options. My favorite is the female voice 1. Cyberpunk 2077’s female V is kinda similar to that voice, to be honest. I also played Saints Row IV Reelected on PS4, and I loved that one even more. I still have to play numbers 2 and 1.

My character in Saints Row IV
Shin Megami Tensei / Persona

I’ve just started playing these games, and I already cannot live without them. I actually tried a game called Tokyo Mirage Sessions #Fe on Wii U a few years ago because it was a crossover that featured Fire Emblem, and I liked Fire Emblem. But what I didn’t know was that it also featured the Shin Megami Tensei series, also known as Megaten. I didn’t really play that game in the end. After a few years, I saw Persona 5 on PS4 for cheap and decided to get it because it seemed cool. Too bad that I had basically only been playing Yakuza at the time, so it fell under the radar again.
After a while, my good friend suggested I get Persona 4 Golden on my newly acquired PS Vita. Since it was basically the best game on the console, I decided to give it a try. And what a ride, folks. What a ride. It was so amazing, so deep, so fun that I finally decided I had to play these games. So I played more of them, and I’m planning to expand the list. What I love about these games is that they are pretty strategic, and when you win, you feel so smart. But what’s even more impressive is the storylines: they are deep, fascinating, and relatable. You shouldn’t ignore the two Persona 2 games as they are darker than the latest entries but still great.

Super Smash Bros

I’ve found this series thanks to a Wii and DS magazine featuring how to unlock characters in Super Smash Bros Brawl on Wii. I didn’t get it, though, as I got the Wii U version as my first instead. I thought I wouldn’t have liked it so much, but it was so fun and stress relieving that I ended up playing it a lot. And seeing all these fantastic characters made me want to try their games, hence the famous sentence “I’ve found about it in Super Smash Bros.”
I had problems with my Wii U, so I had to stop playing it, and I was really heartbroken. I tried to get the other games (apart from the one on Nintendo 64 because I don’t own one yet), but none felt as good as the Wii U one (I hear the voices of the Melee people).
Luckily Super Smash Bros Ultimate on Switch came out, and that was the perfect chance to get it along with its themed Switch. So I did it. The game felt pretty amazing. I played it a lot, still not as much as the Wii U one, though. In the end, I managed to fix my Wii U and got my save file back, but I honestly couldn’t get to play it again. That’s how life goes. I still owe a lot to these games and sometimes play the game on Switch. 

The World Ends With You

It’s not technically a series as of writing this, but a sequel is coming in summer 2020, so I can consider it a series. I had tried the game on DS, but for some reason, I decided it wasn’t interesting enough, so I didn’t play it. Then I found out about the HD version on Switch, so I guessed I could give it a try again. And it was totally worth it.
The gameplay sometimes raises some questions, but the story, characters, music, and setting are so outstanding. It’s now sitting in the list of my favorite games ever, which I’ll show you in a future blog. I’m looking forward to the anime adaptation and the sequel!

Partial collection as of writing.

Yakuza is one of those series I honestly didn’t think I’d ever like. I thought that it being called Yakuza (which, I must note, is different from the Japanese name, Ryu Ga Gotoku = Like a Dragon) meant that it just wasn’t my genre. Because, I mean, I think you can guess what comes to mind when you look at it. But oh boy, I was so wrong.
I found this one because a classmate of mine dressed up as Yakuza 0’s Majima for Carnival. He said he was dressed up as a character from a game called Yakuza. So yeah, I was prejudiced and ignored the series. Time travel to a few months after, and my good friend (always the same good friend) suggests I should try Yakuza 0 out. But this time, he shows me footage from the game and convinces me to play it.
So I bought Yakuza 0 (that PlayStation Hits copy with the red bar still haunts me in my sleep, but it was the cheapest), and it was true love. The series is actually really serious, talks about morals and honor, and so on. You can’t absolutely condense it in the name Yakuza. It’s a lot more. If you’re going to start playing these games, begin at 0. You shouldn’t also ignore Judgment, which is Yakuza but from a detective’s view and an interesting storyline that is a lot relevant to 2020.

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