The World Ends With You Final Remix – Review

Hello folks, today I’ll review one of the best games that I’ve ever played, The World Ends With You Final Remix on Nintendo Switch. This game was an exceptional ride, as it seemed not so exciting initially, but it increased its pace as I played. I actually tried the Nintendo DS version about 2 years ago, but it didn’t feel like continuing, so I left it there. Then I found out that there was a version on the Nintendo Switch too, so I decided to give it a try. I bought it this summer along with Astral Chain (for Nintendo Switch), and I can say that it was a good idea to get them.

Basic Plot

The game starts with a Japanese teenager, Neku, finding himself lying on the ground in Shibuya Scramble Crossing, with no memories of his past. Suddenly he gets a message: he has to complete a certain mission, or he’ll face erasure. This happened because he was thrown in a deadly game without him knowing, and now he must find a way out with the help of the other players, or they will all be erased. The plot might seem cliche, but this is just what you see on the surface.


The gameplay sometimes raises questions, as it’s not so precise. It’s touch screen based. You collect pins, each one with a different skill, equip them in combat, and use them by making a specific gesture on the screen. Too bad that sometimes the game doesn’t really understand which pin you’re trying to activate. This happens because a lot of them have a similar activation gesture. Consequently, you cannot equip pins with similar gestures together. The game already prevents you from equipping pins with the same exact activation gesture, luckily.

I recommend equipping pins with very different activation methods. My set was composed of a pin that was activated by swiping on an enemy, one by tapping on an enemy, one by drawing a circle on the screen, and one that needed to be tapped to heal Neku. It’s pretty fun anyway because you literally cause havoc by tapping and swiping around. There is also a mode that requires the use of detached Joy-Cons, but I haven’t tried it.


The music of this game is immensely outstanding, as it is incredibly catchy and hip hop. It’s probably the best ost I’ve ever heard in a videogame (no offense to To Zanarkand from Final Fantasy X, which is one of the best songs you can find in a videogame). My favorite track is obviously Twister (Original Mix). And I need more candy cane. I recommend you listen to a few songs of the ost because they’ll make you feel the game’s atmosphere. I’m not joking. In the game, you can buy all the songs in the ost to replace your menu music. Try to guess what I set mine to.

Art style

The game’s dialogues are in visual novel format but are styled like a comic. It really feels like you’re reading an actual comic. So your eyes can be amazed while your ears listen to the great music. It makes for a wonderful experience, and I’m not exaggerating. The art style is similar to Kingdom Hearts’s because it was made by the same people. This actually made me want to try Kingdom Hearts. I will do it eventually.


The character development in this game is great. I’m not going to spoil anything because I’d like you to play the game. After a bit, you already start to feel attached to the protagonists, and I can feel fellow fans that had to wait 13 years for a sequel. It’s coming this summer, and we really need to see how these characters do. It’s incredible how they manage to improve themselves in this nasty environment.
Neku feels obnoxious at first, but this changes quickly. Nothing is how it seems. My favorite character is Sanae Hanekoma, and I’ll tell you why below because it’s a spoiler. It’s a really heavy spoiler, so I suggest you read it after reading the game’s Secret Reports.


Lastly, the storyline is pretty complex, and all the secrets that aren’t explained in the main game get completely unfolded in post-game, so it might not completely make sense at first. However, it’s an amazing one. Be aware, because it doesn’t look like it at first. You’ll learn to broaden your boundaries because The World Ends With You, and many more. I think it’s one of those experiences that everyone should have, as seeing the characters grow and the story enrich makes you realize things you would have had trouble understanding before. I know this happens in many games, but there’s an amazing example in this game, in the form of the protagonist.
I think it’s also interesting how I played Shin Megami Tensei Devil Survivor 2 on Nintendo 3DS before this game, as they share some similarities that I cannot spoil. If you’ve played it, you’ll understand.

  • Rich storyline
  • Relatable characters that grow during the story
  • Catchy music
  • Interesting graphic choices
  • The gameplay isn’t always precise enough, which limits the pin sets players can choose
Final Grade: 9

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