Cafè Enchantè – Review

Hello everyone, today I bring you another otome game review. This time we will be talking about Cafè Enchantè for Nintendo Switch by Aksys Games, one of the otome games localized in 2020. It features a long common route and 5 pretty unique love interests. The theme of this game is loving someone despite their weirdness or differences from oneself, and all the routes manage to convey that feeling pretty well. There is also one sentence that represents this theme, and is repeated through the game, which is “Je t’aime juste comme tu es”. It means “I love you the way you are” in French. The other themes are fantasy worlds, as almost all the bachelors are humanoid non-humans, and cafes and coffee, as the heroine owns a cafe for non-humans.

Basic Plot
Misyr Rex, the main love interest

Kotone Awaki, a young woman, has just inherited a cafe from her grandfather and decides to run it herself. Little she does know that the cafe is no regular place, as her customers are from other worlds! She will have to learn how to run a cafe, help her fellow regulars protecting the human world from non-human villains, and eventually, she will help each of the love interests accepting themselves.

Music, translation, and Art
The totally scary Canus Espada 🙂

The background music of this game revolves around calm and soothing jazz themes, perfect for cafe and coffee vibes. It’s music that I wouldn’t mind hearing in a real-life cafe. Also, too bad that there aren’t mixes of these tracks on YouTube, because they would be of help for studying and work. Of course, there are catchier tracks for all the action-packed moments of the game. My favorite track is probably “The Aroma Of Warm Milk”. 
This game had a few typos that didn’t look extremely good, still, they don’t impede the enjoyment of the story.
The art style is really pretty and cute, especially in some of the pictures, like this one on the right with the scary-looking Canus Espada holding a donut. The art in this game is cafe themed, with menus in-game resembling the ones you would find in a cafe, and each love interest has a dish named from them, for example, the “Fallen Angel Fluffy Pancakes”, Il Fado de Rie’s dish, which I would really love to try as it sounds extremely delicious. What I really loved were the chapter transition images. You have already seen two of them as of now.

Breaking the fourth wall
The queen of the fairies learning something new

One of the most exhilarating aspects of the game is that it references otome games themselves. One of the bachelors, Il Fado de Rie, is obsessed with them and plays them in his room alone almost all day. He also has a “shrine” of otome goods in his room. As far as I’ve seen, the goods reference real otome made by Aksys Games. The fun comes when he’s drooling on them or explaining to others what they are.

Common Route

The common route was extremely good, as it showcased the complex world of this game. It was also fun, positive, and heartwarming, which is almost the contrary of the character routes. It covers events for each of the bachelors as a way to present them and their lore to the players, as well as most of the secondary characters. I really enjoyed it although it was a bit too long. The issue becomes evident when you notice that skipping dialogue to read the other routes takes about one hour. Even so, it was totally worth it.

Canus Espada Route

Canus Espada is a dullahan, a headless knight. This means that when he removes his helmet, there’s no head under it. This is why he wears his helmet all the time, especially outside. He comes from the world of fairies Medio. Although his knightly attitude and unexpected cuteness, I did not enjoy the route as much as I expected. It lacked a bit in depth, even though the romance was pretty good and natural. This route was also really sad yet hopeful. Can you love a man whose face you can’t see? You can, this story will show you how.

Ignis Carbunculus Route
Ignis Carbunculus being too cute

Ignis Carbunculus is a humanoid wolf with flaming ears, coming from the world of beasts Bestia. He loves eating and could eat too many portions of Kotone’s food without realizing it. He is pretty straightforward and often gets jokingly angry at things. His dream is to stop all the fighting in his homeland, in order to make it a safe place for its inhabitants. His route was somewhat boring at first, but suddenly after a certain point in the story [spoiler, highlight text to read: after Dromi reveals his true intentions], it becomes incredibly interesting. The romance with Kotone was extremely adorable. Ignis is the one whose age is closest to Kotone’s, which makes it feel more natural.

Kaoru Rindo Route

Kaoru Rindo is a human agent at GPM, a government organization that studies non-humans. He’s a handsome man in his forties (yes, you read it right), who looks and acts younger than he actually is. He drives Kotone to many places, including his house. Plus they even cook dinner together! He deeply cares about her well-being and is obviously the most adult-acting one in the group. I admit this romance was really tricky to represent because there is a considerable age gap between the two. Yet, it was written in an incredibly natural way, showing Rindo’s concern about the uniqueness of the situation. Too bad that the rest of the group was still extremely worried and managed to spy on them and ruin their first kiss :). And finally, the story is great from start to finish! In my opinion, the game starts to set its bar really high from here. [Spoiler, highlight text to read: It was interesting how he became a non-human in the end, even fixing the age gap. It’s because this game is about loving someone different and the age gap wasn’t enough to justify him being different.]

Il Fado de Rie Route
Il Fado de Rie is finally making it!

Il Fado de Rie, nicknamed Il, is a fallen angel from the heavenly world of Caelm. He’s the one who spends too much time on his own playing otome games, I mentioned him before. He is extremely eager to try everything he sees in otome games, which makes him a really funny and enjoyable character, especially if this isn’t your first otome game. I haven’t played many, yet I immensely loved the references to other games. He even convinces Kotone to get a Nintendo Switch and try otome games! They even go to a special cafe that serves drinks and food that are related to otome games (I didn’t even know they existed, Japan is truly an amazing place!). Il’s objective in his route is to stop being a shut-in and actually help Kotone in her chores. This obviously leads to some hilarious mistakes. While the storyline starts out as lighthearted, it becomes suddenly dark, and more mysteries about the whole world of this game start to be revealed. It’s a collection of punches in the feels, but again, it’s totally worth it.

Misyr Rex Route

Misyr Rex is the kind demon king of Asmodia, who chills reading a book and sipping coffee while landing many funny demon king jokes. Dare to break his precious mug :). He is extremely charming and will always call Kotone “my princess” and similar things. Even if he’s a demon king, he is a real gentleman. His magic involves playing charming music on a virtual keyboard in the air, causing many dangerous things to happen. The scenes where he plays this piano are so soothing, you wouldn’t believe it. I really enjoyed when he went book hunting with Kotone, and when he patiently taught her how to blend coffee, always encouraging her and believing in her.

He’s the most mysterious character, especially because not much is known of his background until his route. He always goes back to his world at night without fail, and it is not discovered why until this route. His romance was by far the best one in the game. Both characters steadily keep loving and supporting each other until the end, even if everything appears to be lost. This route also introduces the funniest yet most annoying side character of them all [spoiler, highlight text to read: the real demon king of  Asmodia, who keeps messing in the best relationship in the game].

Sweet dreams Rindo 🙂

He was without fail my favorite character of the game. I liked him from the very start of the game and I was afraid his route would have been bad. Luckily it wasn’t the case. The pain he suffers in his route should be illegal, though. Poor Misyr! If Il’s route was a collection of punches in the feels, this is a complete collection of punches in the feels, worth millions and millions :). [Spoiler, highlight text to read: it’s really interesting how they chose to make him turn back to human and make Kotone become this weird non-tangible non-human. It’s the reverse of Rindo’s route basically. I think it was still too sad that Kotone couldn’t turn back to be a human, but this is the theme of the game, and they’re happy together. They could have turned her into a non-human without being so exaggerated, but still. His promise of eternal love was really memorable.]

Final thoughts

I highly recommend this game to you, as the storyline is almost always amazing and the character interactions really make this game special. You simply can’t help but love all the characters. It took me about 25 hours to finish the game. If you need a walk-through, I recommend otomekitten’s. 

  • Excellent world-building
  • Heartwarming characters that feel like a family
  • Engaging storyline
  • Misyr Rex
  • Canus and Ignis’s routes could have been better
  • A few typos here and there
Grade: 8

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