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How to improve the Shenmue Series

The Shenmue series, which was released in the 90s, is surely a series that we all should be thankful to, as it invented various aspects of the games we all know and love today. Despite all these issues, this series had an immense potential. If one could fix its issues, they would get a grasp of this series’s true beauty. In this essay we are going to explore how to achieve this.

Oda Cinnamon Nobunaga – Review

Today I’ll review one of the weirdest yet most witty anime I’ve ever seen, called Oda Cinnamon Nobunaga. It came out in 2020, and I watched it while it was airing. Sadly not many people enjoyed it, as it’s not your usual regular slice of life; although this didn’t stop me from liking it a lot. In this review you will find out why I enjoyed it so much.

How I stopped worrying and got into Visual Novels and Otome Games

One of my favorite types of videogames is definitely Visual Novels; since I got into the genre I’ve played a good amount of them, ranging from horror, sci-fi and otome. Despite the current situation, this wasn’t the case until a year ago; before that, I was incredibly cynical towards them, and absolutely didn’t see myself playing any of them. How did my attitude change?


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