How I stopped worrying and got into Visual Novels and Otome Games

One of my favorite types of videogames is definitely Visual Novels; since I got into the genre I’ve played a good amount of them, ranging from horror, sci-fi and otome. Despite the current situation, this wasn’t the case until a year ago; before that, I was incredibly cynical towards them, and absolutely didn’t see myself playing any of them. How did my attitude change?

Cafè Enchantè – Review

Hello everyone, today I bring you another otome game review. This time we will be talking about Cafè Enchantè for Nintendo Switch by Aksys Games, one of the otome games localized in 2020. It features a long common route and 5 pretty unique love interests. The theme of this game is loving someone despite theirContinue reading “Cafè Enchantè – Review”

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